CACO3-YBV is a leading Vietnam calcium carbonate supplier of outstanding quality by using good raw material and advanced technology.

CACO3-YBV is founded and developed in accordance with the philosophy “Creating-sustainable value for customers and the community”. With the goal of meeting all our customers' needs and expectations, CACO3-YBV aim to maintain the highest standards of quality and timely delivery for our calcium carbonate products in both domestic and foreign markets.

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  • Mr. Pham Anh Tuan
    Phone: +84 982 640 999
    Email: tuanpa@caco3-ybv.vn
  • Mr. Andrew Pham
    Phone: +84 16969 86969
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Top Products

White limestone lump

CaCO3-YBV Company supplies White limestone lump
Application: Ingredient for white cement, environment processing and ingredient for making poultry feed.


CaCO3-YBV company supplies Calcium Carbonate Granule.
Application: ingredient for making poultry feed

Calcium carbonate powder

CACO3-YBV supply uncoated calcium carbonate powder (6 regular particle size)& Coated acid stearic calcium carbonate powder (3 regular particle size) as per customer’s order.

Top News

Calcium carbonate's application in plastic industry

Calcium carbonate's application in plastic industry

(5/5/2017 9:24:42 PM)

CACO3YBV provides completely Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) product catalogue used for the plastic applications. Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) is used to replace the expensive plastic without bad effect in its mechanical strength.

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